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Finally!! Kobato Drop #22-C

 At least some thing that makes me really happy! Because this week was pretty ahm... well amusing.
With glee i was crying a lot, i know what means to be bullied, and i know how it feels to be never kissed, its hard, because i felt like i was ugly and bad, nerd... (well actually im proud to be a nerd and a geek and most of all a fangirl) and some other stuff for years. There, when i read bleach... i feel dissapointed. Why do we have to see the same characters with another name? PLEASE! The new woman its like Tatsuki with a daughter, and more light... and the new guy.... is like aizen, more gay and probably  more "get a life" So... the highlight here definitly was HP7's Premiere, oh GOSH, i cried a lot, i don't want this to end, Harry its like a brother to me, its a very close friend and I don't want him to go... i cried a lot, but, well, my love for the HP saga will go in another entry.

Here im going to talk about Kobato and the last chapter :D It may contain spoilers so, be careful if you read this.


Oh My... there are a lot of surprises in just one chapter, where to start, i really loved the Wish cameo, and we have more pages with Kohaku... and Schuichirou! *O* that was really beautiful, i really loved it, and the talk with ginsei, im seriously thinking that Ginsei deeply loves Ioryogi, because Ginsei's gestures shows that he wants to protect him... well i need the translation to say more but that was myfirst thought. That guy attacking... is it Ioryogi-san? It looks pretty scary, and... there was... BLOOD. Im in shock but in a good way. Because i never expected this in Kobato, CLAMP never stops to amaze me, this is my favourite CLAMP manga by far, and i was hoping for Kobato turned in a dark way, not totally but in a way. So, well,the question is... is it the angel who is bleeding? or maybe is Ginsei, o perhaps is Kobato.... personally i think its her. But we also see a little scene when Iorogi met the angel, and we see more of his true form, i want to see his face. OHHHH KOBATO it was really cute and nice when she touched Okiura's chest and... THE WINGS!!! KOBATO-CHAN WITH THE ANGEL'S WINGS she looks sooo beautiful, i loved her so muuuuch, and i want to know what is she talking with okiura and... uff FUJIMOTOOO~ he's still searching for her, and what's going on with Doumoto? I NEED A TRANSLATION RIGHT NOW, OR IM GONNA DIE SOO BAD

OH THANKS FOR COMING BACK KOBATOOO!!! I was missing you a lot <3

Definetly, Rowling and CLAMP are still building my magic world. Thanks so much for that. Im still crying because of this week, it was so... magical...sorry im wordless now.
So, that's all for today, thanks for reading this, i like to write english entrys, its kind of cool :D!


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